Thursday, 27 October 2016

lighting up the sky !

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Wishing everybody a very happy diwali 
& a prosperous new year

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This wasn’t how I had intended to post. I was hoping to tat a few more diyas besides this prototype and share the pattern alongside. Haven’t been able to keep my focus on anything, including tatting, and before time slips away to a lengthy year-long wait, I decided to do a bit of MS Paint jugglery and post as is.

To me, the main attraction, the charm of Diwali or Deepavali ("festival of lights") is the diya (clay lamp) with it’s mesmerizing flame, and the rangoli. My favorite motif for Diwali greeting cards was always the diya. 
Used to spend hours making colourful dry powder rangoli, using freehand designs that I came up with each year. Once sis & I even did a Krishn & Radha theme. 
Many communities use ground rice flour paste – all white or with a touch of colour added to the design.

I’ve tried to imitate the wet kolam in this collaged pic. 
The white tatting is part of a new snowflake I have designed (still trying to get the stitchcount, etc. right) to share later.

This diya doodle prototype is pretty tiny – 1”x1¼” and uses 2 thread sizes.
The mistakes are glaringly visible in the pic :-( 
I had ideas to make it simpler to tat, but have only been able to do the diya again, before shelving all my tatting, etc. for  a while.

A string of diyas is also called a deepmala - garland of lights! 
Can you see a larger diya symbolism in this arrangement?

The mustard oil or ghee used in the diyas actually served to keep away mosquitoes and purify the air. There are tons of environmental, seasonal, social, &/or health reasons for the traditions enshrined in festivals. Over time, they either become dogmatic, or simply blind, meaningless gestures. Other influences take over, as well. For instance, it is so much easier, cheaper, durable and practical to use strings of fairy lights than the cumbersomeness of diyas, especially on a windy night !

I love the brilliant fireworks that light up the sky, too. 
(now, if only they make those ghastly sounds & pollute the air!). 
Yes, that's my Crinoline Doily glowing around ;-)

I hope to share the Craftree butterfly pattern in next post.

happy tatting always :-)